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We aren’t just another home care agency, the staff of Living Well Senior Care are your partners. We partner with you to deliver some of the most meaningful and important care and support there is to enhancing the quality of life.

Below is a partial list of ways we can help that can make the difference between aging happily at home in a familiar setting, or going into institutional care like a nursing home. We consider it our privilege to help improve lives. Living Well Senior Care Companions may provide a wide array of services, including:



  • Oral/personal hygiene and grooming supervision

  • Providing hygiene assistance

  • Bathing/shower assistance

  • Incontinence Care

  • Dressing assistance

  • Encouraging good nutrition and activity

  • Engaging in activities that encourage stimulation such as art projects, games, puzzles

  • Laundry

  • Light housekeeping

  • Meal preparation and cooking

  • Medication reminders

  • Feeding

  • Redirection during dementia care

  • General supervision of client – particularly clients with dementia

  • Monitoring ambulation to prevent falls and increase personal safety

  • Monitoring the client’s general health & well-being and reporting changes to family members or care team members

  • Helping to connect with loved ones through e-mail, phone, and social media

  • Assisting with writing letters and correspondences

  • Friendship and socialization to include reading to client and taking walks together

  • Driving and transportation to and from appointments, errands, shopping, social visits

  • Facilitating visits with family, friends, neighbors

  • Coordinating visits, outings, and trips

  • Taking notes at doctors visits

  • Caring for pets

We can do so much more… Just ask!

If nursing or full home health care services or hospice care become necessary, we can refer you to an appropriate  agency.

Hourly Care


For your convenience Living Well Senior Care does not have a minimum number of hours required like most agencies. One hour or twelve hours – you decide.

Ideal Clients for Our Hourly Care Are:

  • Those that are relatively independent but just need a little extra assistance to happily maintain at home.

  • Those that have trouble sleeping through the night or gets up frequently which poses additional safety risks such as falling.

  • Not sure what type of care you need – just call, we can help you through the decision process.


For those that need limited assistance during the day but want the security and comfort of knowing that someone is there to provide support when needed.
These companions are generally there for a 10 – 12 hour period. They arrive prior to bed time to help their client for bed, make sure the client is comfortable and safe through the night and provide any morning care needed.

Ideal Clients That Require Our Overnight Care Are:

  • Those that wake up during the night and may need help going to the restroom or provide any comfort needed.

Live-in Care


Live-in care is provided by a companion who will stay at the home providing peace of mind to families that their love one is never alone.
Similar to family caregivers that need respite care, Live-in Companions also need time off so they may provide the best possible care for their clients and spend time with their own family and loved ones. On their scheduled days off or vacations, we will provide a back-up companion and will do all we can to ensure continuity of care by having the same back-up companion whenever possible.

Live-in Companions must be able to rest with a particular number of hours of uninterrupted sleep. If the level of care needed does not allow for this, then hourly care should be considered.

Ideal Clients for Our Live-In Companions Are:

  • Those looking for a comprehensive and cost effective solution outside of any type of facility such as assisted living facilities and institutionalized care and nursing homes.

  • Those looking for a personal, one-on-one plan of care with client lifestyle preferences in mind as opposed to a group institutional setting.

24-Hour Care


For those needing around-the-clock awake care, we will provide peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike our live-in care which allow for companions to sleep, all of these shifts are ‘awake’ shifts and are charged at the hourly rate x 24 hours.

We truly believe that there is no place like home, and home care is the best care option. Therefore, we find it important to provide this level of service at a discounted rate to allow our clients to stay at home receiving one-on-one personal care rather than going into institutionalized care.

Ideal Clients That Require Our 24-Hour “Awake” Care are:

  • Those that need around-the-clock care but loved ones can’t always be there, are out of town or do not live in close proximity.

  • Those that are in advanced stages and cannot be left unattended, need around-the-clock bedside care, or are under hospice care.

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